Wallet Draining Findom Video. Bewitching and Bejeweled I must sparkle! I must shine! I must twinkle like the stars and leave the little boys blind! I am a VERY RICH Bitch with a very expensive taste wearing over €60.000 in jewelry in this clip. I am not here because I need your money No…I want your MONEY! Boys are meant to Pay and I was meant to Take! Loving me comes with a price and a very expensive one! I deserve to be pampered, even if that means you have to suffer. I don't care if you have to sell your worldly possessions or go bankrupt….. I want it all and I want it NOW! Worship…Obey… and Pay that's all you need to do….so simple ain't it! Tribute via Circle Pay, CryptoCoins or Skrill after receiving your payment I will send you a download link.
Media Type: mp4
Play Time: 00:02:22
Resolution HD: 720p
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